Palouse Top 10

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  Here Are 10 Reasons To Join Us In Palouse #1 Test drive medium format digital camera systems from Phase One and Cambo in one workshop at an incredible location full of great photographic opportunities. #2 Get hands on setup and instruction from Chris Snipes, national sales manager for Capture Integration, who has over 20 years of experience with the best digital cameras in the world. #3 Create spectacular images … Read More →

Top Ten Things I Love About The CI Team

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I’m the longest tenured employee at Capture Integration, celebrating 9 years this summer. There’s a lot of things I enjoy about CI, but perhaps what I enjoy most is what I see every day; The consistently outstanding personnel that make up the CI Team. What is truly unique about CI is not only that we carry amazing products, and provide great support to our clients, it is that we fight … Read More →

Top 10: Feature Update #4 & HAP-2 Update


Today, Phase One has released Feature Update #4 for the XF camera system and IQ digital backs, yet again opening up new features and functionality to existing cameras. This is an especially exciting release because it has primarily to do with focus, whether it be the automated Focus Trim tool for system calibration, manual control over the autofocus motors, or the new AFr mode (read on,) this update aims to … Read More →

Top 11 Features of XF Feature Update #3


Phase One has released the 2nd major update to the XF camera in Firmware Version 3. Feature Update #2 dramatically expanded the tool set embedded into the XF camera including Time Lapse, HDR Bracketing and Focus Stacking.  Feature Update #3 expands upon that with a reworking of the entire User Interface with the addition of subtle refinements to all the base and Version 2 tools, as well as a few new features … Read More →

Top 10 Features in Capture One Pro 9.1

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Last week, Phase One released another major update to Capture One Pro. As usual, it’s packed with a lot of new features that increasingly enhance the usability of the software. After working for Apple for several years – and a freelance web designer for many, many, (oh-no-the-nightmares-are-starting-to-come-back) many years – Usability is king in my book. Even if a software tool is critical to me, if it is clunky or … Read More →

Top 10 Features of Capture One 9

CO9 - Brightness

Today Phase One announced and launched the exciting next version of their Capture One software. We have been diving into this software since its first beta and are excited that we can finally talk about the new improvements to the software. As a former post-production tech and photo retoucher, this new version is easy to see that Phase One hasn’t forgotten this very important aspect of workflow, as many of … Read More →

Top 15 features of the new Phase One XF / IQ3


Historically we have had to dig deep in order to reach 10 items or features to mention in our Top 10 lists. This is not the case today with the new announcement of the much anticipated Phase One XF camera body and new IQ3 series of digital backs. Anthony Festa, our head of Technical Support, has just come back from the factory after exclusive hands on training with the engineers. … Read More →

Introducing the new Profoto B2 250 AirTTL

All new Profoto B2 and OCF system

  Profoto has unveiled the Profoto B2, a new flash that combines the HSS and TTL capabilities of the Profoto B1 into a more compact package; making it perfect for the wedding shooter, or editorial photographer on the go. With its own dedicated accessories, Profoto is aiming to make a complete lineup of lightweight and smaller gear aimed at the traveling photographer. Capture Integration was able to get hands on … Read More →

CI Top 10: Explaining The Phase One A-Series Camera System

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Today Phase One officially announced their new A-Series line of digital backs packaged with an ALPA TC front end. There has been so much misinformation about this system leaked online over the past few weeks that we feel it is important to sort out the truth from the marketing hype. Let us say first that the Phase One A-Series system is a great idea and it will be a great … Read More →

Top 10 Features of the ALPA 12 FPS


1. Design and usability The ALPA 12 FPS is distinguished by a clearly laid out and easily accessible keypad, which, together with the rotary knob that can be clicked, makes it possible to adjust the camera rapidly. More infrequently used menu items (such as setting up the network parameters) have been relegated to a dedicated “configuration” sub-menu, so as to keep the user interface lean and well arranged. With ALPA, … Read More →