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Team Approach

From its outset, Capture Integration has believed in the team approach. We believe a dedicated group with specialized training can solve your complex imaging needs better than a single individual can. We have assembled a team of energetic and enthusiastic consultants with a collective experience in professional photography solutions of over 200 years. We want to become an important partner in your business! Expand your business capabilities by relying on us for all of your projects and tap into the wealth of experience in our team.


We have thousands of customers in our small marketplace. These customers call
us and depend on us for their support. There aren’t any problem situations that a photographer could encounter that we have not heard about already. Calling on Capture Integration as your photography consulting team will strengthen your company by finding effective solutions faster than you can on your own. Don’t waste time struggling with an issue, searching online, or asking other photographers. Call us to solve these problems and have more time to get back to creating imagery. Isn’t that the goal?

Dedicated Consulting

In today’s add to cart world, there is something missing from the buying experience. Buying from a box mover, you will not find someone who genuinely cares about what you do and who knows what solution is best for your use. Capture Integration was created to fill that void. Technology has exploded. There are more photographic choices today than ever. But there are subtle differences in these products with significant advantages and disadvantages that can impact your photography. Whether it is an extensive phone call, an exchange of emails, collaborative texts, or visiting one of our 4 locations for hands-on demonstrations, we will make the extra effort making sure you choose the best fitting solution that will contribute to your success.

Knowledge Of Real-World Performance

We don’t work for the manufacturers, we work for you. This means you won’t hear marketing hype or sales hyperbole from Capture Integration. Many products have variable performance in different situations that isn’t reflected on data sheets. Many manufacturers overrate product capabilities. The only way to know a product’s true performance is to use it and test yourself, and that is what we do long before we speak to our customers about any single product. We work with the world’s most demanding photographers. Our years of experience working with our clients and supporting them have provided a tremendous depth of knowledge. Combined with our no-nonsense commitment to understanding technical expertise, you have an unbeatable team you can trust.

Testing & Inspection

Nothing is worse than purchasing or renting an expensive product, and having a problem right out of the box. We make the extra effort to make sure that doesn’t happen. Capture Integration performs our own in-house testing. It is demanding. We extensively test pre-owned equipment before applying our CI Certification. We test and inspect rental equipment before and after rentals. We even go so far as to test and inspect new equipment that we receive from the manufacturers, before shipping to our clients. We don’t leave our reputation in the industry to anyone else. Capture Integration has become the leader in our industry, and we are going to continue to work hard to earn that reputation for you.

Why Us?

Capture Integration, as the #1 Photography Dealer Worldwide, is dedicated to providing the best support we can offer to our customers. Below is a selection of what sets us apart and makes us the best to buy from.

We work hard to establish a relationship with our customers. When you have questions, or should you ever experience a problem we will be there to help. We list our cell phone numbers on our website and have close relationships with the manufacturer of everything we sell. Read what our clients have to say about us.

Batteries become exhausted, cables can become worn, masks can be dirty, chargers stop working etc. Every CI Certified Digital Back comes with NEW accessories – the same (or in some cases better) accessories that were originally sold with the back.

Capture One Pro ($299) is licensed to each user by their email address and is not transferable. When we sell a back with a Value Added Warranty we include a fresh license.

25 Point Inspection: We inspect every digital back with an expert and careful eye. From the condition of the sensor to the functionality of every port (even those most photographers don’t use), we are uniquely qualified to assure you that the back is in perfect working order.
Every sale we make is backed by a promise: if you’re not happy we will make things right. Instead of eBay ratings we have an international reputation held by thousands of satisfied customers.

We clearly state the warranty of each Demo/Refurb/Used back we sell. Moreover, as Phase One dealers we can extend your warranty 1-year at a time (rates vary by model).

We want long term customers, not short-term sales. We will always meet or exceed the trade-in offers made by the manufacturers themselves when upgrading equipment purchased from us.

We always strive to match the needs of a customer with the right equipment for their needs. Sometimes this means talking them out of a more expensive option because we don’t believe it to be right for you.


Take it from our Customers…

Capture Integration are such important partners with us in the studio business. Having this relationship is so valuable and vital to our day to day business activity. Sure, one can order from other resources on the web, or from catalogs, but where are they when you need assistance? In our business, when we need assistance…we need it immediately! Where are the others when you’re in a bind and need technical support or need to rent additional, not good, but great and trustworthy equipment? I can always count on Dave and his team, whatever the need, when it comes to our photographic equipment. I can’t say enough about how much I value our relationship and the weight it removes from my shoulders just knowing that they are there standing behind my business.

– Diana Parrish