The Cambo Wide provides true wide-angle coverage that is so lacking in most medium format digital photography systems today. With a choice of focal lengths starting at the incredibly wide 23mm up to the moderately telephoto 150mm, the Wide system of cameras are the ideal solution for today’s architectural and landscape photographers.

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Cambo Overview

Cambo is a manufacturer of finely machined photographic products, based in the Netherlands. Their solutions range from the following:

  • 6×9, 4×5, 8×10 View Cameras for digital and film use
  • 6×9 Technical & Hybrid Cameras for digital and film use
  • Studio Camera Stands & Shooting Tables
  • Reprographic solutions (motorized columns & cameras)
  • Video grip and support solutions

The concept of the Cambo Wide family began decades ago. It grew out of architectural and landscape photographers’ needs for a lightweight and portable camera that would produce the finest quality images. As large and medium format was supplanted by high-quality digital backs as the pinnacle of photographic quality, Cambo evolved its Wide cameras to embrace this new technology.

Today we offer three distinctly different models of Wide cameras – the Wide DS, the Wide RS and the Wide Compact. Each model has its own special reason for being and its own unique features, yet all are compatible with a shared family of lenses and digital back options.

All Cambo Wide models combine the quickness and portability of a hand-held DSLR, the latest digital-lens technology and the highest resolution digital backs. The end result gives you the finest quality images possible today.

The majority of Cambo’s products are machined in-­‐house. They enjoy world-­‐wide distribution and are privately and independently owned.

Company History

Founded by Roelof Bok in Hengelo, the Netherlands, and originally called Technica Hengelo, the name was ultimately changed to Cambo (Camera Bok) to avoid confusion with Linhof products that bore the name of Technica. Cambo was the first camera manufacturer in the world to produce an all metal large format view camera. Their 2000 Square Meter facility is now located in Kampen, the Netherlands. In 1980 Cambo was acquired by Calumet and products were distributed through Calumet worldwide under both the Cambo and Calumet brand. In 2009, Cambo re-­‐acquired themselves and now are an independent company with distribution relationships across the world, including with Capture integration in the USA.

This independence has allowed Cambo to refine the quality standards and strengthen the innovative direction that was established earlier in their history. 2012 was a year of continued growth for the company, as they released new products in the Technical Camera category and enhanced their positioning among the worlds great landscape and architectural photographers with products like the WRS-­5000 and WRC‐400.

Notable Products & Innovations

  • 1945 -­‐ Super Techna *First camera manufacturer to produce all metal view cameras
  • 1956 – AST Studio Stand with Chrome Columns
  • 1958 -­‐ Super Cambo View Camera
  • 1967 – PassPortrait Camera with patented 4 Lens mechanism
  • 1969 – Introduction of the Cambo Wide
  • 1972 – TWR-­‐545 Twin Reflex 4×5” Camera
  • 1973 – UST Series Studio Stands
  • 1979 – SC-­‐5 8×10” Portrait Camera for Polariod 8×10 film
  • 1986 – 40th Anniversary gold plated SC 4×5 Camera
  • 1987 – Legend Series View Cameras
  • 1990 – UBS Studio Stand
  • 1998 – Ultima 4×5 View Camera
  • 2000 – Cambo Wide DS Technical Camera
  • 2002 – Video Boom Series V40, V-­‐15, V-­‐5 *2003 – Cambo Ultima 35 for DSLR
  • 2004 – Cambo Wide DS Digital Technical Camera
  • 2005 – UniTrack for Videography
  • 2006 – X2 Pro Hybrid View Camera
  • 2008 – Wide RS Technical Camera
  • 2010 – HDSLR & DV Shoulder Rigs
  • 2011 – 65th Anniversary Wide RS Special Edition Technical Camera
  • 2012 – CS-­‐MFC-­‐2 Follow Focus for Videography
  • 2012 – WRS 1250, 1200,& WRC 400 Technical Cameras

Target Markets

  • Professional photographers
  • Enthusiast Photographers
  • Architectural photographers
  • Landscape photographers
  • Reproduction facilities, Museums, etc.


Leaf Afi / Sinar HY6

Contax 645

PhaseOne/Mamiya DF


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