From our home to yours #5

The Connection

Friends, Families, and Partners, Thank you for opening our Connection over the last few weeks in the midst of this crisis.  It is not our intent to bombard you with e-mails during this lock-down, rather engage both you and our team with a distraction that somehow takes your mind off the difficulties that many are facing.  And since we are a photographic company, this week I asked my team “Where … Read More →

From our home to yours #4

The Connection

We find ourselves in our fourth week of #homewithCI and what may continue for much longer than we all anticipated. Last week’s question, posed to the team, dealt with physical nourishment, but in these uncertain times, our approach to pragmatic mental health and self-care become just as essential. So this week’s task was a critical one for our healthy long term goals in what will be our “new normal.” Show me how you are taking care … Read More →

From our home to yours #3

The Connection

We are now on week three of #homewithCI and gave Steve Hendrix the task of creating the engagement question of the week. Steve suggested that the team illustrate what nourishes us during challenging times. Being the foodies that we are, it’s not a coincidence that everyone on our team chose a food or beverage item of nourishment. The definition of nourishment is food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition. I can tell you that after I eat … Read More →

From our home to yours #2

The Connection

To our partners, friends, and their families, Thank you for all the positive feedback from our last Connection Newsletter. We have been fortunate to have established an international business from a small southern marketplace.  Over the last few years, we have intentionally traveled the US with events and Gatherings reaching out to you. Even with these efforts, the fact remains that we have never personally met the majority of our customers. … Read More →

The Art of Thriving instead of Surviving


While I have many other photography based blogs to write, I thought this the most pertinent to publish at this time. Stress is running high in the population when it comes to the new operating conditions we find ourselves in. Understand that we humans have the tendency to survive, because there have been all kinds of real and imagined catastrophes in the recent and distant past and as a civilization … Read More →

Chief of Engineering’s Log: October 2019 – Zen & the Art of Knife Sharpening

CaptainsLog- 6-19

Sharp knives are a vital part of any working kitchen, and we like to cook in our house.  We like (love) our knives enough that my wife and I have different 8″ chef knives that we prefer, which works out well when we’re food prepping at the same time.   For a number of years now I’ve been using water whet stones to sharpen our blades to varying degrees of success, … Read More →

Chief of Engineering’s Log: Stardate – August, 2019

CaptainsLog- 6-19

Doing a little light listening today while testing cameras… 😉 “It is the job of science is to figure out what guesses are right and what are wrong.  Scientists are paid for making guesses, not for making right guesses but for making interesting plausible ones, and if scientists after the guess has been made, don’t do their job, don’t investigate the guess, don’t figure out if it’s true or false, … Read More →

You’ve Been Captured! Kyra Bodrick

Connection Newsletter Graphics-43

You see our blogs, speak with us over the phone and meet us at our events but do you really know the CI Team Members… like really know us? Well guess what today is your lucky day! We are bringing back our You’ve Been Captured! employee feature to give you a better sense of who we are. Yes, we are THE BEST DARN Photographer Dealer in the world… but we … Read More →

Advice: Care

Dave does encourage personal blogs, see Brad’s blog from a few weeks ago. So, here’s one. Sort of. Monday morning. So, I’m in the office this morning and I notice Dave is not here yet, so I check the calendar, no, he has nothing on the calendar, so I just expect he’s running late or had something that came up and he’ll be in shortly. A few hours go … Read More →

Download New Pro Guide By Paul Reiffer


Learn Long Exposure Techniques Today we are celebrating the release of a new e-book, from our dear friend and Phase One Ambassador, Paul Reiffer! Reiffer partnered with Phase One to release a pro-guide that teaches long exposure techniques. You will learn long exposure techniques for landscape and cityscape photography – from silky water and cloud movement to light trails, and everything in between. Whether you are new to photography or … Read More →