Brad started shooting with a SLR when he was twelve in the northern suburbs of Detroit and was doing in-camera-masked 4×5 composite images when he was seventeen. At that time he started to shoot commercially and assist architectural photographers, years before the viability of digital capture and personal computer based retouching. This prepared him for the inevitable full transition to the digital workflow as a product and architectural photographer, digital asset manager of 120 Terabytes of images, retoucher and Adobe beta contributor for Photoshop and Lightroom. Brad Completed a B.A. in Advertising from Michigan State University.

Home Life

Passionate about educating his three children, inventing, problem-solving, collaborating, studying esoteric sciences, yoga and driving high (and excessively low) horsepower automobiles, Brad has returned to Atlanta after the conclusion of a three year ‘northern experiment’ of relocating his Savannah-native wife to the solid weeks of negative double digit winter temperatures in Michigan. He will miss hand chopping cords of wood for the fireplace, just a little bit… still has the axe, just in case.

Work Life

Brad is the technical support manager at Capture Integration. In this roll he evaluates, tests and certifies new and pre-owned cameras, lenses and digital backs.

When Brad isn’t providing outstanding phone and email Tech Support, he enjoys blog writing and wishes to create more posts to better educate our clients.

XF Education

Among his many talents, Brad is an expert on the Phase One XF Camera system, Brad travels with Capture Integration to deliver the industries most cutting edge XF Workshops. These workshops are centered around XF Custom Tuning (Hyperfocal, Focus Trimming) and XF/IQ Use: Capture Pilot, Focus Stacking.