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Our Clients and their experience are the two things that matter most to us and help to drive our need to deliver the best service possible. Take it from just some of our numerous clients below, click each name to hear and learn a little more about what many have written and think about us.

Al Vinjamur

© Al Vinjamur

© Al Vinjamur

About a month and a half ago I decided to trade in my Hasselbad 60MP back, Hasselblad H4D camera body, the Alpa TC, Alpa 12-SWA for a
system built around the Phase One CMOS IQ250 back. I wanted to do the move while being able to keep all my H lenses and knew beforehand that I’d have some changes to the Alpa lenses I had (all Schneider Kreuznach).

I placed a call to Capture Integration and it just happened to be their CEO, Dave Gallagher, that answered. After explaining my plan to him, I was told that I would be contacted back soon. From that very first call and to several subsequent dealings with other fine folks (Dave McRitchie, Chris Valites, Anthony Festa, Josh Booth) its been an experience of its own while wading through the various logistics of extending my existing platform in an economical/sagacious manner.

The approach at Capture Integration has certainly captured my admiration and respect – optimizing the system for the long term benefit of the client. Its a wake up call for many in the business on how to conduct business. Capture Integration, in my mind, is a benchmark. Truly, a very special and unique dynamic is evolving at CI.

My newer system is now as follows

Bodies : Hasselblad H5X, Alpa STC, Alpa 12-XY-Mark IV
Back : Phase One IQ 250
Lenses : 40mm, 70mm, 90mm lenses for Alpa & my old H lenses from Hasselblad

Definitely take your business and form a long term relationship with the folks at Capture Integration — especially if you are tired of the underlying arrogance and a singular penchant to practice “JUST SELL” that pervades so widely in many a high-end photography business. I love the Phase One platform and the overall integration.

Thank You!!

Al Vinjamur

Jim Harding – Memphis, TN

I just wanted to express in writing what a fabulous group of partners you have at Capture Integration!! Everyone is very professional at your Atlanta location and always very helpful! Your people are so knowledgeable, that they are always willing to help, instruct and make you feel good about your dilemma and the solution you present! In a day were everyone seems to be rushing to the “Walmart” approach to save a buck, it is refreshing to find an organization that offers service and information as a normal and integral part of their business! I have a unique business which we have discussed, and I don’t know where my business would be without your team on my “side”! I came as you know because of Steve, but have gotten to know Sam, Bryant, Zac, Josh and Anthony and even you now and ALL have shown an intense desire to help and cause me to be successful in my business and approach. Nothing is too simple, or a question too stupid to discuss with your team. Sometimes more than once. I know I am probably the source of humor and mirth filled discussion after hours with your employees, but I really don’t care as long as they help me with what I need at the moment.

I have owned and built 4-5 companies in my life and have had 2-128 employees at any given time. Believe me when I say you have something special and I know that the team seems to indicate that you are basically responsible for training and building the business to what it is today. I hope you are enjoying the fruit and process along the way, because you have something wonderful going on at Peters Street. A lot of times my businesses approached likenesses of what you seem to have going, and sometimes I had my nose to much to the grind stone to realize the blessing I had!

Please keep up what your are doing! I need to have you in business next week and the one after that!

Jim Harding | Harding Creative, Inc.

Clark Marten – Columbus, MT

Why I Choose CI:

When I first started shopping for a Medium Format camera system, I like many, turned to learning on the internet. When I decided I was interested in the Phase One System and found the Capture Integration site I continued learning from their site. As I did my research learning about the company and Dave Gallagher, they just had stunning reviews on helping and being there for the clients. I found it interesting how a company could be so well thought of, not really normal in our world or in the camera world.

I had filled out a form I would like to learn more. My journey started with a phone call from Dave Gallagher, gosh the CEO of the company calling me to see how he could help Now this is different and by the end of the phone visit I felt like I had known Dave for a long time and he gives me his cell number too. Dave is treating me and giving me the experience of walking into a high end car dealership. Yes this equipment is an investment but I have found that I have a partner that I can work with for many years. Dave and CI definitely put the customer first, I have found this out in a big way, first hand.

Just to make sure there are other fine dealers who work with the Phase One systems. But what I have experience is “World Class” service. If you are one who appreciates being treated the best Dave Gallagher and Capture Integration will take you to a level you never expected.

Clark Marten M.Photog. Cr., CPP

Clark Marten Photography

Jeffery Salter – Miami, FL

Jeffery Salter takes us behind the scenes with the very first cover shoot using the Phase One IQ260.

My hat’s off to the Capture Integration in Atlanta who flew down to provide digital capture for the shoot.  It was amazing when Dave Gallagher brought along two brand new Phase One IQ260 digital backs with DF+ cameras.  The LeBron shoot was taken with the “King” of Medium Format Digital cameras and is the first editorial cover shoot done with the camera.



R.J. Kern – Minneapolis, MN

R. J. Kern

David Christensen – Loganville, GA

I have personally known Dave for many years and have always seen him in action with other clients that had business with him.  It was not until the first part of 2012 when I finally decided to pull the trigger on a Phase One system that I got to truly see what kind of man he and his staff are.  Dave lives his work and his work mimics his personal ethics, compassion, and selflessness.   He will take whatever time, workup any test or loan any piece of equipment to make sure that it is the right fit for what I am doing.  I truly feel that his business is an essential extension of my own.

I was on a multi day shoot recently where the first day was in Atlanta and the remaining several days were in a location that is several hours north of Atlanta.  On the first day of shooting in Atlanta, I was able to shoot tethered with no problems right up until about lunch time.  All of the sudden, the camera would not connect and I did not have an extra firewire cable or the time to try to troubleshoot the problem myself.  With a full crew and the client patiently watching me, I called Dave.  All he said was, “where are you?”.  I told him and within about 30 minutes, he had driven over from his office with several cables, repeaters, and the like to trouble shoot and proceed to fix my problem right there in front of my client.  I almost could not believe it and my client sure was impressed!  I was thankful that I was partnered with a company that would do anything in its power to see me succeed with my business.

These days I am often underwhelmed with how other businesses take care of their customers.  We live in a disposable world that is cash and carry.  Capture Integration is a PARTNER for any serious photographer who relies on their equipment to create billable work for clients.  They are “all in” with your business for the long haul!

David Christensen


Patrick Cox – Greenville, SC

I remember when Dave rolled up to SC and put that Phase One into my hands back in (2003?). It was a poisonously addictive occasion. I was looking for something to give me that edge. I had all of the high-end camera companies visit me to peddle the latest gear. What struck me was this: Dave was different than all the others. First of all, the back he demo’d with me hands-down performed better. Specifically, I remember how clean the files were. The details where excellent in the shadows, and the light to dark transitions were remarkable. And that was awesome. But more importantly, here was a guy who was going to add value to my business. I knew I could trust him and he would be there for me when I needed help. A true business partner.

Over the years, Dave has proved to be a reliable source for my gear. I know I have purchased at least 6 phase backs from Capture Integration since 2003. Thanks Dave and crew for many years of sales support! You have been a key ingredient in my success and have been a pleasure to deal with!

Patrick Cox

Hedrich Blessing – Chicago, IL

“Hedrich Blessing is a well known – 80 year old architectural photography studio in Chicago. About a year ago, we made the decision to convert our imaging process to digital. Once we made the decision to put away our 4×5 Sinars and Linhofs, we looked to the market for a consultant that could help us in our quest for equipment that would support our vision.

We were fortunate to find Capture Integration. They set about finding the right combination of cameras, lenses, and a capture device all of our photographers could embrace. Capture integration gathered equipment from multiple sources for us to test- and helped us make the best choices. Dave & Chris have gone the extra mile over and again. In my opinion, they’re the best people in the business- no question.”


Photos by Craig Dugan, Steve Hall, Kate Joyce, Scott McDonald, and Jon Miller of Hedrich Blessing

Viewpoint Studios – High Point, NC

We were dedicated to creating the most technically advanced studio in our marketplace and it turned into the single largest digital back installation in the history of our industry. This isn’t something you go into lightly so there was never a question as to who we needed to partner with. With an undertaking of this magnitude you simply have to partner with the best, and in our eyes Capture Integration stands head and shoulders above everyone else. Everyone! They aren’t a photographic dealer. They’ve created a category all their own with the most professional attitudes, service and products available anywhere. Frankly they became as integral to our operation as our staff.


Pascal Depuhl – Miami, FL

“I don’t remember how I heard of Capture Integration, I do know the first time I met them was at one of their free seminars they put on to educate us about digital products and software.

David and Doug have become my go to guys in regards to anything digital; be that a technical question that Doug (and no one else) can answer from the top of his head, or David’s impressive care of each and every individual client; Capture Integration treats its clients with an amazing level of customer service, the same way I strive to treat my clients.

That David goes to whatever lengths are necessary to help a client was shown again a few weeks ago: a missing cable in a rental kit threatened to stop my shoot, but David drove to his Atlanta office early that Saturday morning, pulled the piece, drove to the airport and rushed the cable to me via Delta Dash. A few hours after my initial phone call to him, I was up and shooting with a happy client.

This attitude is not the exception at Capture Integration – I am by far not the biggest client of theirs, but I am treated with the same commitment to more than perfect customer service as anyone else.”


Dave Monroe – Tampa, FL

“I was one of the first photographers in Tampa, possibly even in all of Florida, to go digital. With Chris’s help, today I’ve moved into the Mamiya 645 with a P45+. Myy clients are thrilled and so am I. I confidently recommend Chris and Capture Integration to fellow photographers. That’s not something I do lightly since my recommendations reflect on me. Their attention to detail and constant effort to be at the top of their game make it easy for me to recommend them. Chris is my go-to guy and if others are smart, they’ll keep CI’s number programmed into their cellphones and written in ink in their wallets.”

The Imagist

Diana Parrish – High Point, NC

“Capture Integration are such important partners with us in the studio business. Having this relationship is so valuable and vital to our day to day business activity. Sure, one can order from other resources on the web, or from catalogs, but where are they when you need assistance? In our business, when we need assistance…we need it immediately! Where are the others when you’re in a bind and need technical support or need to rent additional, not good, but great and trustworthy equipment? I can always count on Dave and his team, whatever the need, when it comes to our photographic equipment. I can’t say enough about how much I value our relationship and the weight it removes from my shoulders just knowing that they are there standing behind my business.”


George Griswold – New Orleans, LA

“Every customer matters at Capture Integration. The fact is you don’t feel like a customer for very long… they become partners in your commercial and artistic mission. Dave and his energetic, unified, and principled team have guided me through the purchase of three Phase One backs over the years as the technology and my budget has progressed.

Crisis Management: one phone call or email to Capture Integration and no problem is insurmountable; they will do whatever it takes to keep you shooting. Their commitment to customer/partner care is without equal. They say you can’t choose your family, but you can choose your Phase One dealer………. Go with Capture Integration.”


Phil Lindsay – San Francisco Area, CA

“I have been involved in digital photography for over 10 years using DSLR, medium format and scanning scanning back large format equipment. My early days of learning digital photography were full of poor technical support leading to many hours of frustration. Digital photography became much less confusing and more enjoyable when I was introduced to Capture Integration several years ago. These folks are GREAT! They really know all aspects of digital photography and provide full technical support. Armed with their support, I am ready to apply my digital skills to subjects like Mono Lake. Many thanks to Dave and Doug as well as the rest of the staff at Capture Integration.”

Phil Lindsay

Tom Hamilton – Atlanta, GA

Spitfire dove into digital imaging long before digital was cool, or profitable. It was a scary, expensive time to be a photographer, and the learning curve was straight up. Thank god Dave Gallagher’s parents got busy when they did, because without him around in the early days to guide us toward the right solutions and away from the costly mistakes, the journey into digital image capture would have been far more expensive and way less fun.

Product knowledge and support are critical when implementing and maintaining a profitable digital workflow. Dave and his crew understand the importance of both, and have a created a culture that fosters genuine customer service and a clear understanding of what really works and what doesn’t.

I don’t make costly hardware mistakes, I call Dave instead.


In His Own Words

Capture Integration is simply the best there is.


In His Own Words

“I contacted Dave Gallagher at Capture Integration because I had seen so many positive remarks on their dealer service on the forum’s at Luminous Landscape and from talking to other professional photographers. Dave, Steve, and Doug didn’t disappoint me. I have never had such a high level of customer service and support in any aspect or purchase in my life. I bought my Leaf Aptus II 10 digital back from them as Phase One was integrating Leaf under their wing. Dave made sure the order went very smoothly and the back arrived to me right on schedule. These guys have the highest integrity and have always helped me working at home or on the road and at some of the worst hours. I know they want me to succeed in my work with the right gear working the right way. I strongly believe that you get what you pay for in life and in the case of Capture Integration, you really get so much more. I look forward to growing my business and adding new gear from Capture Integration in the future. They are just OUTSTANDING!”


In His Own Words

“Capture Integration provided a level of service that I was unaccustomed to. They came to my studio and let me try out the Phase One all day and showed me its capabilities. Once I saw the difference in quality from my previous system I knew I had to move forward. They worked with me on securing a lease and even delivered the back personally. They have always immediately answered any questions I have had even on evenings and weekends. I never worry about something going wrong with my back because I have a dedicated team of people behind me to insure that I am always up and running.”


In His Own Words

“I bought my first digital back from Capture Integration back in 2006 and since day one Dave and his staff have really gone the extra mile to take care of me. Austin is a small market and is really lacking in support for the photo industry. Because of this, I have come to rely on Capture Integration for so many things. They truly are a one stop shop for the high end segment of the photography market. They are a rental house, a photo school, tech support for everything, and a phase one dealer all wrapped into one! Plus, they are doing it all better than everyone else!”


In His Own Words

“Capture Integration helps me concentrate on being a photographer, not a computer geek. Those guys are the best that there is.”


In His Own Words

“Capture Integration truly cares about their customers. The relationship doesn’t end at the sale; it begins. Other companies should strive to emulate Capture Integration’s tradition of total customer satisfaction. I am proud to be associated with Capture Integration and consider them as friends and a partner with Iron Creek Photography.”


Don Libby - 2b

In His Own Words

“Dave and Capture Integration have been a great asset to Atlanta and have helped me out of many tough spots. I wish them great success and am quick to recommend only their company to prospective digital inquiries.”


In Her Own Words

“Capture Integration is incredible to work with. All my questions are answered quickly and they are super friendly. They truly understand what red carpet service is all about. I love my system and it feels great to work with a great company.”


In His Own Words

“I strive to present natural scenes with incredible realism which draws viewers to explore and emotionally share my experience. Capture Integration is a valuable partner providing the products and expertise to realize my artistic vision. In this world of instant media, amazing graphics and talented artists only the most exceptional work gets noticed. I rely heavily on Capture Integration to provide state of the art technology to take my work from average to extraordinary!”


In His Own Words

“My new phase One has made my workflow smooth as a ice cold martini. I have now seen the “light” in a faster and more accurate way, thanks to Doug Peterson’s patient tutorials. Having always been a medium-large format photographer, all my clients are elated about how far superior my session results are with my Phase One work. The speed, efficiency (swapping CF cards or tethered) of the great Capture One software helps me concentrate on what is important… “bringing home the ‘chrome”. That’s a transparency reference for all you young puppies out there. I have used all the brands, Nikon, Canon, 4×5, 8×10… this system is the last I will invest in outside of upgrading… thanks to CI… kudos!”


In His Own Words

“Whether I am teaching at one of our GetDPI.com workshops or doing high-end commercial photography I rely on Phase One products. To me they simply get it done day-in and day-out without fuss and with the highest quality for my discerning clients. For sales, support, rentals, parts and accessories I go to my preferred dealer Capture Integration which in my mind is the ultimate assistant. Together I am always covered under any conditions.”


In His Own Words

“Capture Integration does everything and anything in their power to make the customer happy. From lending me equipment while mine is being exchanged to being there at anytime to return my calls. Just yesterday, my Capture One Pro had been crashing since the afternoon and I had a big deadline coming up. One call to Dave (at 4:00pm on a Sunday afternoon!!!!!) and three minutes later my software was working again and my stress headache had lifted. I greatly appreciate all that they do in the fashion that they do it.

The quality of Capture Integration’s service matches the quality of the products they sell (the best!) I can’t thank them enough. CI will be getting all of my business and any of my friends that make the switch to MF digital in the future”


“I’ve been working with Capture Integration for a few years now — and Dave Gallagher has been my knight in shining armor.

I have been so impressed by the smooth flow of this camera–it consistently satisfies me on every shoot. I was shooting in Boston on a 20 ft. ladder when my hand accidentally hit the side release and my entire beautiful back went tumbling to the ground. After my heart started beating again, I picked up my P25 and cradled it. It looked fine on the outside–not even a scratch…but, before I could make myself turn it on, I called Dave to see what my percentage of survival was. He said that if the screen wasn’t damaged, then it should work with no problem. I took a deep breath and turned it on—–and it worked! I couldn’t believe a 20 ft. drop on a cement floor didn’t shatter my back! Even more so, I couldn’t believe that Dave was so certain that a 20 ft. drop would NOT shatter my back. Needless to say, Dave and his whole crew have been there for me 24/7– something that is impressive to all photographers.

I heart Capture Integration!”


In His Own Words

“My studio in Carmel has come to rely upon Capture Integration for all my Phase One medium format digital equipment as well as my Canon digital SLR needs. Whether calling for equipment or a technical question, I know that I can depend on Capture Integration to provide me with the type of fast, friendly, and reliable support that successful studios require. I can get a good deal anywhere, but the type of support that the Capture Integration team provides after the sale is priceless.”


Ken Doo Photography

In His Own Words

“My experience with Capture Integration has been exceptional. The owner helped me trouble shoot while he was hiking on a vacation. Doesn’t that say it all? Their commitment to their clients is outstanding. Quality unrivaled. Phase One products are simply the best, and even better when you always have someone to help a phone call away. My standards in photography are high, and they continue to exceed them. Not only do I recommend Capture Integration, but I have found solace in knowing I have found a company that will grow with me. A company that will keep me on the cutting edge of technology and workflow, and has my best interest at heart.”


Jim Koch

“Just wanted to say how much we do appreciate your willingness to stay committed to your customers. It may seem that things don’t always go the way we think but you stay with it until it’s right. THANKS!!!”


In Their Own Words

“My experience with Capture Integration has been flawless. From their patience during the purchasing process, to there support after the sale. Capture Integration has set the bar for customer service.”


In His Own Words

4×5 film: Client: “No, faster faster!” 2 1/4 film: Client: “No, faster faster! G0 digital!

Over the last 15 years I have seen Quality & Pride in our craft do nothing but slide downhill…

Everyone’s playing down to the least common denominator “faster/cheaper” at all costs!!

Who is there to STOP the MADNESS? Capture integration!

And get this, they are honest, good, knowledgeable people as well… a lethal combination

One that might just save your photography. Photography at the quality that it should be.”


In His Own Words

“I first met Dave Gallagher some 20 years ago when he was a salesman with Sinar Bron. Since then, I have followed Dave through every turn in his career and finally to his own company in Capture Integration. When CI opened, they promised from the beginning to be different. Like many others, they offer equipment, software and hardware, but that is where the similarities end between CI and anyone else! Not only have David and his team created an organization that sells hardware at competitive prices, but their service and support are well beyond what any photographic retailer offers. When you buy from them you become family. They become your partner, in-house tech support, and certifiable expert in the slippery slope of digital photography. Capture Integration goes above and beyond the call of duty to help me be successful and that’s why I give them my highest recommendation. ”

Fine Imaging

In His Own Words

“I live and work in New York, travel on assignment around the world and can buy any digital camera or back from any dealer I chose, but my first and only thought was going to Dave Gallagher. From the first moment every request, every question was given honest, straightforward and immediate attention. Most people say they work 24/7 but Dave takes that from a boast to a stated fact. Their service is impeccable, professional and without issue. I can give no higher recommendation to a company […]. They’re the best.”


In His Own Words

“I’ve never dealt with anyone in the industry that has ever been nearly as responsive, as knowledgeable and most importantly willing to share that knowledge. I’m an analogue photographer, but because of Capture Integration, I can use the highest-end digital gear with the comfort that if I have any problems or questions I can call and they will help me. Capture Integration defines service after the sale. It goes beyond business – it is a business partnership!”


In His Own Words

“Every time I speak to anyone at CI, I feel like I am getting personalized attention. I feel like I am speaking with a knowledgeable friend that really cares that my issue is resolved. I have even had Dave, the owner, show up at a shoot to help walk me through some issues I was having. Try getting that from anywhere else! […] I would never want to buy from a big store if I don’t have to. The personal attention and help I get from the team at Capture Integration is by far the best experience”


In His Own Words

“High business ethics, integrity, trustworthy: These words describe Dave and his staff at Capture Integration. This is the only place where I purchase my products. Shouldn’t it be yours?”

Capalbo Photo

In His Own Words

“When I started shopping for a digital back, Dave Gallagher and the folks at Capture Integration were not an obvious choice since I was in New York and Capture Integration was in Atlanta. But the word of mouth about Dave was so good that I decided to purchase my P25 from them and I was never disappointed. Their costumer service has always been great and their prices very fair. I will definitely buy my next back from them too.”


In His Own Words

“The image quality of the Leaf Aptus II 12 is just stunning. My hopes were high, but this system exceeded my expectations by a wide margin. I had hoped for a kit that provided a significant increase in agility over my 8×10 kit while returning a competitive level of image resolution and quality. Both goals were met handily by the Cambo and Aptus.[Thanks to] Doug, Chris, and Dave at Capture Integration for their help in choosing the right components for me and their support while I was just getting started. Pre-sale they suggested a few changes to my kit that proved to be exactly right on. And their reputation for customer service is well earned. While on my trip I ordered a few extra batteries and chargers and they really came through getting them to me overnight to the middle of the dessert (literally – to a hotel Death Valley).”