The Importance of Color Management

In today’s digital production environment, there are many opportunities for discrepancies in color to arise along the path from the computer to the printer. This is because input devices (cameras, scanners, etc.), display devices (monitors) and output devices (various kinds of printers) may all be set to different color spaces. Such discrepancies can be avoided by employing a color management system that ensures every device in the production chain is set to a common color space.

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Color Management Begins with the Monitor

Why Eizo and not NEC?

The monitor is the core of any professional color management system. If color is displayed accurately on the monitor, and color matching has been done with the output device, then you no longer have to make multiple proofs just to correct for color discrepancies. You can proof with confidence right from the start, while lowering costs, increasing efficiency and improving quality control.

Effective color management requires monitors with accurate color reproduction and gradation characteristics. With ColorEdge monitors you get factory-adjusted gamma, extensive hardware calibration capabilities and an exceptionally wide color gamut.Their outstanding performance and reliability make them ideal for a wide range of professional environments where color reproduction is critical, including photography, graphics, printing and publishing.

Soft Proofing with Adobe RGB

The benefits of color management quickly become apparent once a system is put into place. When all devices share a common color space, colors match at every stage of production; knowing that color is being accurately displayed naturally improves efficiency  A wide-gamut ColorEdge monitor at the center of a system using Adobe RGB as the common color space is the ideal way to ensure accurate color reproduction across all digital platforms. Such a color management environment fully supports soft proofing at every step of production, from initial photography to final printing.

Wide Color Gamut Monitors & Predictable Color with Any Media

With a wide color gamut that reproduces nearly 100% of the Adobe RGB color space, these models not only cover the sRGB color space supported by many computer monitors, operating systems and digital cameras, but practically the entire ISO-coated and US web-coated CMYK color spaces used in printing as well.

With content published on so many different types of printed and digital media it’s critical to know how your clients will see color. A ColorEdge monitor and the bundled ColorNavigator software let you do just that as they are designed for both soft proofing and digital device emulation. So now you can “predict” how color will appear to your clients whether you produce content for printed media like books and magazines or for digital media devices like tablets, smart phones, and notebook computers

Brightness and Color Warranty

This is one of CI’s biggest reasons why we like Eizo so much:

EIZO offers a five-year warranty for all ColorEdge monitors. The backlight is warranted for three years at a brightness of up to a specific figure and color temperature from 5,000 – 6,500 K with the usage time a maximum of 10,000 hours.